Nov 07, 2013

How to: Make DIY Star Wars Snowflakes (Free Templates)

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created at: 11/07/2013

Designer Anthony Herrera has released a brand new set of Star Wars snowflake templates, free for downloading and making en masse as you settle into the holiday season. Anthony's been offering a fresh batch each year (previously here), and says about this round: "It happens every year. The days get shorter, a sub-zero chill is in the Hoth air, the wampas start venturing into your hidden home base, and new Star Wars Snowflakes are introduced for holiday crafting fun. New to 2013, battles. It just isn't Christmas without a T-47 Snow Speeder making an attack run on an AT-AT, or Luke Skywalker facing down a hungry Rancor beast. Enjoy 13 new designs. So, get yourself a sharp cutting blade and have fun."


Each year, the designs get a little more complex as Anthony takes on more intricate characters and images, including some that only the super fans would recognize inside these rather elegant shapes. Snag all the templates - for free - at his site. Thanks, Anthony!

Star Wars Snowflakes 2013 




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Mr F on Dec 03, 2013:

Fantastic. Love these.

I would suggest printing on A3 paper and using a sharp craft knife... My first efforts printed on A4 and using scissors were disastrous!

Izzy on Dec 02, 2013:

@Anonymous -There are Doctor Who templates circling the internet. Check Pinterest! 

Julie on Nov 26, 2013:

And how do you fold the squares?

Fidelis on Nov 25, 2013:

Thanks for sharing this, it's awesome!

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2013:

Thank you for sharing!  My son LOVES these :)

Nathan on Nov 24, 2013:

Thank you for sharing your talents. These are excellent!

Peter on Nov 23, 2013:

Nice templates, will give to my sister in law to make her busy before Christmas :)

Jess on Nov 23, 2013:

TC - folding: After you've cut out the circle, with the picture to the top, fold it in half horizontally, with the picture on the outside. Next, fold it vertically (in half) on the line to the right of the picture. Then fold the bottom third toward the picture. Last, fold the line immediately to the left of the picture behind the picture. I hope this helps

Chris on Nov 22, 2013:

These are amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing these beautiful works of art!

TC on Nov 22, 2013:

So...I hate to be the one to stand out in a crowd but...how do you fold it?

Sandy_in_MD on Nov 22, 2013:

Awesome snowflakes - thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2013:

loving this but does anyone have or know how to adapt this for dr who fans????????????

Jeanne on Nov 21, 2013:

Can these be sent to my e-mail address so I can download them to my printer?



Anonymous on Nov 21, 2013:

hope the server comes back up, these are great designs. thanks for sharing them!

Shawna on Nov 21, 2013:

Fantastic! I'll be decorating my house this way for christmas

Mama on Nov 21, 2013:

I'd imagine that there would be a number of kiddos at children's hospitals who would LOVE these for their otherwise drab rooms. 

Bryan on Nov 21, 2013:

Looks like the link to Anthony's Etsy store isn't working either.

bruno on Nov 21, 2013:

@craig, @skid, @dundoo - the link has been updated. Thanks!


Anonymous on Nov 21, 2013:

Decking the halls of Hasbro Inc. HQ with these this year! Thanks!!! These are awesome.

DunDoo on Nov 21, 2013:

yea, the AT-AT and AT-ST both link to AT-ST.. i wanna AT-AT haha, hope ya fix that soonish :)

Great work by the way!