New Favorite Instagrammer: Whimsical Illustrations Merge with Everyday Objects

Ecuador-based graphic designer Javier Pérez uses Instagram’s simple image-sharing format to wonderful creative effect, looking at the shapes of common household objects and using simple black lines to bring them to life.    

My Modern Met reports, “From a still life of lungs to adventures in spaghetti rain, Pérez finds ways to bring life to all kinds of static objects. His imagination leads to many inventive creatures and characters and, through just a few quick pen strokes, he transforms small, unexpected food, flowers, gadgets, and tools into lively and expressive artworks. His cheerful collection, which will certainly make you smile, is the artist’s way of reminding us that ‘we [all] have an inner child who wants to have fun and play.’ “

Follow Javier as @cintascotch on Instagram, and read more on My Modern Met: Whimsical Illustrations Merge with Everyday Objects