Dinner in Minutes: How to Make Easy One Pan Pasta

One-Pot Paste Recipe

Dear friends: your weeknight meal prayers to the kitchen gods have been answered. A one-fits-all recipe for a delicious dinner with no mess, and no waste. 

Not that we don’t enjoy cooking epic meals, but sometimes you honestly just want to turn on the heat and get something to eat – no fuss, no muss. Well guess what? This One-Pan pasta recipe is the perfect solution.

I’ve heard of one-pot recipes before, but never really believe it was that easy to make one – after reading this one, yes indeed, it is THAT simple.

For this recipe you’ll need ingredients that you probably have in your pantry: pasta, canned tomatoes (or fresh), onions, garlic, basil (dried works too), chilli flakes, salt, pepper, and some parm cheese.

Literally, you only need one pot to make this. And one plate. And one fork. Totally doable. Like, no boiling extra water, just cooking everything together, at once. 

All in all this one-pot pasta should take you around 30 minutes to prepare (including cleaning time while the pasta cooks). Are you drooling? Yeah, us too. Ok, drool no more. Tim from Lottie + Doof put the recipe from Martha Stewart Living to the test….and the results? Good.

Head to Martha Stewart Living to get the whole recipe: One-Pan Pasta

PS. Remember, you can always add your own touch to it! Try adding some tuna, cappers and olives at the end for a Mediterranean twist, or perhaps some feta? So many choices! K, gotta go eat. Bye.

[Photo: Lottie + Doof