A Sleek and Masculine iPhone Fold Wallet

Sleek and masculine iPhone Wallet

Take your calls and text in style. This take on the phone case/wallet combo is perfect to protect your (inseparable?) companion and look pretty sharp in the process.

Made by Hard Graft, this iPhone fold wallet holds the essentials: your cards, a bit of cash, and your phone. In a way, it helps you stay free of clutter, and the rustic look of leather with a soft felt interior adds some serious texture.

Now, it does come with a wee of a pricey tag, £75… as in pounds – the British kind. Obviously the work that goes into this handmade wallets is well worth it, especially since they use super high quality materials, but, if you’re on a budget and cannot afford it, take it as inspiration and try your own handmade take. 

But it looks as if it’ll last longer than your phone will, so we say it’s worth the investment. 

Images: Hard Graft