How to: Easy DIY Skull Bookends

Halloween decor and projects are a pretty mixed bag, but one thing is certainly true: during the month of October, you can find some pretty unique novelty goods at discount store, craft shops, and those short-term Halloween stores that pop-up in old Border’s and Pier One storefronts. You know, stuff like brain-shaped cake pans and mold-able vampire fangs and such. And while most of the orange and black and purple plastic only work (or don’t) during one month out of the year, it can be a great time to snag some cool, old curiosity shop goodies to use year round. 

Case in point: this little plaster skull from the craft store. Solid construction means you can put it on a shelf, cut a hole and make a serving dish, or split in half and make this bookend project from The Band Wife.

Sure, they’ll work for Halloween, but in the right context, I say leave ’em up all year ’round. Laura’s got it styled up in bright turquoise, but to show you how it’d work in a more rustic, masculine setting, I Photoshopped this up:

created at: 10/14/2013

See? Totally works. Pretty cool for just a couple bucks and an hour of work. Get the full how-to: 

Skull Bookends DIY [The Band Wife]