Modern Cool: The Rug Pattern by All That

The Rug Pattern by All That

It’s urban and cozy – two terms that rarely are used in the same sentence.

The Rug Pattern is the prototype of a product that would totally be a crowd pleaser. This concept mixes the urban feel of concrete floors with the coziness of 100% wool felt so it’s nice and warm to the touch. Best part is that you could potentially create your own patterns or “walking paths” at home by arranging the pieces as needed. 

This is such a cool idea because you could swap the pieces around to create a whole new look without having to buy a brand new rug.

The guys from All That are currently looking for a manufacturer so they can bring this idea to life, so if you know of someone that could collaborate, drop them a line!

Side note: this could also be a super cool DIY project! You could customize the shapes and even add some colour. Boom!

What do you think? You like the idea? Would you get one for your place?