This is Real: Toxic Lake Turns Animals into Stone

Lake Natron in Africa turns animals into stone

This eerie image is actually real. That used to be a bird of sorts, but this toxic lake has turned it into stone. Crazy!

Lake Natron in Africa is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Temperatures can reach as high as 140F and the water is as toxic as ammonia. Due to the high alkalinity of the lake, pretty much any living creature that comes in contact with it is doomed (except for some tough ass fish that can take it and manage to actually live in the lake).  

Animals that touch the water die and calcify, a.k.a. they turn into stone. And you may wonder who’s the dare devil that took these images? Well, that’s Nick Brandt, a photographer that stumbled upon this unlikely scenery.

Lake Natron in Africa turns animals into stone

Yikes! It’s so creepy and fascinating how these animals are almost modeling in front of the camera. Can you imagine being there? Eek!

To see more of these stunning photos visit Nick’s site.

Via: My Modern Met