How to: Make a DIY Canvas and Leather Archer’s Quiver

Matt Pierce came up with this tough and rugged design for a DIY archery quiver. Created from long lasting materials like leather, canvas, and cooper, this guy is all kinds of durable and all kinds of stylish.    Matt says, “I’ve been pretty busy in the shop and haven’t shot much lately. However with all this shop time, I have been working on a quiver. When I finally do make it out to the range again, I won’t have to carry my arrows in a rubber band. Here’s the instructions to make one for yourself. Like all my experiments on here, there’s lots of ways to do this, and modifications for your own use too.”

I like Matt’s clever reuse of materials, such as making the main body from a secondhand army tent, and the leather-enforced bottom, which can stand up to years of sharp arrow tips.

Get the full how-to at Wood & Faulk: Archer’s Quiver DIY