Weekend Project: Make a DIY Wooden Crate Magazine Rack

Wooden Crate Magazine Rack DIY

This is a cool, rustic way to store your magazine racks without taking too much space, and it doubles as a side table too. Score!

Making the project is relatively simple, pleanty stylish, and REALLY affordable . All you need is a wooden crate from the craft store and a few casters. Or, snag a vintage wine or soda crate from a secondhand shop. Attach the caster to the crate and boom. Table.

You could even try using a wire basket and use some bendable wire to secure the casters (the magazines will cover any wires sticking out). Try looking forr a crate at your local farmers market, on Craigslist or the liquor store (they usually have tons left over from wine).

If you’re into the whole Scandinavian cabin look, then you should definitely check out Sofia Landin’s blog where she has more of these nifty ideas.