How to: Make Simple Rustic Reclaimed Wood and Copper Pipe Furniture

created at: 08/19/2013

The best kinds of creative inspiration are always born out a specific need. “Leftmusing” found herself looking for a very special solution for her apartment: “a table in my oddly shaped kitchen that could act as additional counter space, a place to eat, store kitchen stools and general spot to put stuff on, all while being 16″x52”. After some research, she realized: she’d have to make one. So, she came up with a solution using reclaimed wood, copper pipe from the hardware store, and some epoxy. What I love about this project is its adaptability: this project was designed for a specific footprint and a certain height, but it can easily be adjusted to fit another set of needs: a desk, a coffee table, a nightstand. 

Check out the full process at Instructables: Easy Copper Pipe and Reclaimed Wood Table