How To: Make Alcohol Soaked Gummy Bears

Completed Project: Alcoholic Soaked Gummy Bears Picture #1 I have a friend who hasn’t quite outgrown that terrible habit of taking small, human or animal shaped things (toys, action figures, gingerbread men…) and placing them in compromising positions. Like…every time.

I’m certain he’s done it with gummy bears, though I’m not sure if I was present for that one. But next time the opportunity presents itself, I’ll now have this trick to encourage him to create a different sort of “Adult Gummy Bears”…by soaking them in alcohol.

I’ve seen Skittles-flavored vodka before, but the emphasis there was on infusing the liquor itself. This how-to from Cut Out and Keep one ups that technique, as at the end, you have both candy-flavored spirits, and edible spirits-flavored candy!

The steps seems pretty easy: cover gummy bears with vodka, grain alcohol, sake, or other spirits, cover, and let rest for at least 24 hours.

Get the full how-to at: Cut Out and Keep – Alcohol Soaked Gummy Bears

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