A Serious Case of House Envy: 23.2 by Omer Arbel

23.2 Home. Photo credit: Omer Arbel

It’s hard to believe that this Vancouver property is actually a home and not the set of a perfectly styled magazine cover, but people actually live here. Want to see the rest? (you do). Click through to get a mini tour.

Omer Arbel, the designer of this dreamy home, might have created the perfect family nest by mixing a bunch of awesome ideas that are rustic, modern, eclectic, and everything in between. With LOTS of windows and open spaces, Omer Arbel has been able to merge urban living with rural beauty. As you can see the home is surrounded by nature, which seems to influence every aspect of the design.

Photo: Omar Arbel

The whole space is complemented with raw textiles, wood, and mid-century accents. The stunning lighting, which kinda resembles lanterns hanging from the ceiling, add a warm, modern touch. I mean, seriously, is there anything wrong with this house? Oh wait, there is – it isn’t ours!

Photo by Omer Arbel

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All images: Omer Arbel