Video: Crafting Handmade Leather and Wood Bicycle Accessories from Scratch

Tristan Stoch, a filmmaker from Portland, OR, created this look at Geoff Franklin, a PDX-based craftsman who makes leather and wood goods and accessories at Walnut Studiolo. 

created at: 08/08/2013 It’s two minutes very well-spent. Watch it below:

Geoff says this about his work, “Handmade is the attention to every detail…the whole process long. It’s the hand/eye conversation. Handmade means that there are gonna be quirks….that it’s going to be original. That they’re going to be one of kinds, each and everyone one of them. The sharpness of the tool, the angle that its held at…all of these things are controlled by your motor skills. Through this process, right through the end – somebody’s been paying attention to it.”

Cool, right? See more of Geoff’s amazing handcrafted goods at Walnut Studiolo, and Tristan’s films on his site.