How to: Select the Best Sunglasses for Your Face

With summer in its twilight, and stores making space for the new fall styles, this season is actually a great time to snag a new pair of sunglasses. There are all kinds of 25-40% off sales happening now, and you’ll still have months to wear them. (I’m sure I wear mine as much in winter as summer. The light bouncing off snow is bright, and the skin-damaging UV rays of the winter sun are just as strong.”   So, I recommend taking a look at this article by Kelly O’Reilly for Details. It’s a brief history of sunglasses, from their origins as medical remedies through their development for pilots to becoming an eventual (and practical) staple. 

SUNGLASSES ARE LIKE FRAGRANCES: IT’S fun to try new styles, but a classic, great-looking pair is key to developing a signature look. Somewhat surprisingly, this sartorial staple didn’t become an option—let alone a mainstay—in men’s wardrobes until 1919, when Sam Foster of the Foster Grant Company (one of the country’s oldest sunglasses manufacturers) introduced the first modern pair in the Woolworth’s on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

The piece ends with some solid recommendations for face shapes: round, square, oval, etc. It can be hard to tell exactly what you’re looking at if you try to scan yourself in the mirror, so just ask a friend (or glasses store clerk) what kind of face you’re sporting. They’ll be able to distinguish in an instant. 

Sunglasses: A Brief History and How to Choose the Best Frames for Your Face