How to Look Sharp and Stay Cool when Dressing Up in Summer

A few weeks ago, I posed the question in our Ask ManMade column, “What the _____ are men supposed to wear to dress up in the summer?”   We got some great replies in the comments, but I wanted to share this recent article in the New York Times titled, “Manning Up in the Summer,” in which they interview famous menswear designers for their best tips to keeping cool.

There are lots of great ideas and memorable quotes, such as “If you’re going to dress more casually, you can really lift your look with accessories,” from Michael Bastian, and an argument for wearing wool over cotton from Thom Browne (pictured above): ” ‘Cotton.. [is] just as hot,’ he said, adding that, unlike cotton, wool is relatively moisture-proof and keeps its crisp look throughout a hot summer day. ‘Especially if you sweat.’ “

Check out the tips on style items, cuts, and materials: Manning Up in the Summer [The New York Times]