How to: Make a Smartphone Dock from a Vintage Camera

Whoa, dude. Yep,  analog and digital just got married and created a baby that combines the best of both worlds. Err, um, I mean: Learn how to make your own phone dock from of a vintage camera!

Photojojo came up with this crazy good tutorial to make your own phone dock using an old camera. Seriously, those guys are always full of surprises. This DIY project is not only cool because you can charge your phone in style, but also because it requires very little work; some glue, some holes here and there and that’s about it.

If you don’t have a vintage-looking camera, you can always hit the thrift store and find one for super cheap. Obviously you don’t have to worry if the camera works since you’re gonna hack it.

Grab your tools and head over to Photojojo’s blog to read the full instructions.

Turn an Old Camera Into a Retro-tastic Phone Dock