DIY Idea: Make a Puzzle Board – Perfect For Summer Snacks

Puzzle board

The perfect board that will allow you to eat, mingle, and hold your drink, all at the same time. We want 10 please.

The Puzzle Board by OOOMS – Dutch Design Studio is perfect for summer entertaining. How many times have you been at a party, where your hands were so full you: A – spilled your drink, B – smearshed cheese on your shirt, C – hid in a corner to ravage your food so you could get it out of the way. Sounds too familiar, right?

The Puzzle Board is a great option to avoid all that mess. You can line them up in a row to display food or you can pass them around for people to hold their food and drink, without any spilled red wine casualties.

They’re available at SuperMarketHQ for a mere $26, but I like the idea of trying this yourself. Some 1″ maple and a jigsaw should do the trick with a little sanding. If wine glasses aren’t your think, a hole saw could make a nice resting place for a tapered whiskey tumbler

Head over here to get yours!