How To: Make a Custom Rug from Carpet Tiles

If you have one of those awkward corners in your place, where no store-bought carpet will work, then this DIY project is perfect for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be pink.

Though, while pink might not be your first choice, you gotta admit it makes quite a statement when placed on top of that super dark hardwood floors. You can use this same idea to make a bold statement rug in your favorite color, or a custom shape. 

Since you are going to be using carpet tiles, you could play with some patterns or different color blocks. Make it interesting!

Word of advice, make sure to use a thick cutting surface if you’re going to give this project a go – especially if you’re doing it directly on your floor.

Most materials can be bought at the hardware store and it shouldn’t cost you more than a regular rug (actually it might be less if you happen to have some leftover tiles from a home project).

For full instructions and materials hop over to PlastoluxCutting a Round Rug From Floor Carpet Tiles