Inspiring Workspaces: The Mozilla Factory in Japan

Mozilla Factory in Japan []

Mozilla’s new space in Japan is what our interior design dreams are made of: bright open spaces, pops of colour, and a minimal aesthetic that allows for ideas to grow.

Designed by Nosigner, this space follows Mozilla’s motto: open source software for all. In this case ‘open source furniture’ for all. 

Some of the features we’re loving about these space are: the low cost of materials used to build it (wood, plastic, plain concrete), the versatility of having one main area that can be divided in different sections if needed, and way how the colours and materials create a gender neutral space. 

Mozilla's Factory in Japan

How cool is that? A secret compartment to hide all of those outlets. No more tripping over the telephone cord! Hey, what about doing the same to hide mini fridges and microwaves? Those are always an eye sore around the office.

To continue swooning over this modern workspace (and to take some design tips to bring them home), head over to Nosigner.