DIY Idea: Make a Side Table Out of an IKEA Hamper

We never tire of a clever IKEA hack, and this is one of our faves. What used to keep track of your dirty socks can now hold your coffee and magazines.

This project is quite affordable – you only need a few things:

– A wooden block
– An old ikea hamper with wire frame
– Wood stain
– Sandpaper

Make a DIY Side Table. Credit: The Clever Bunny []

You don’t even need any power tools; you can simply go to the hardware store and have them cut a wood block to fit the frame (be nice when you ask, and wink if necessary). Most home centers sell glued up blocks of aspen that’ll work perfectly for this one.

A few cool variations of this project would be to paint the frame black and the wood in white for a Scandinavian look, or even through some color in there on the legs. Perhaps use a few screws drilled in the middle and place an additional piece of wood to create an extra shelf. Since you don’t have an IKEA hamper lying around, hit up Craigslist. They’ve got plenty.

To see the full post with instructions, hop over to The Clever Bunny: Ikea Hack Attack! Making a Side Table

Ikea Hack Attack! Making a Side Table