May 06, 2016

6 Creative Masculine Ways to Use Concrete in Your Home

Concrete bar. Photo by Matthew Williamson via [http://mechantdesign.blogspot.fr/2013/06/brazil-summer-house.html]

Adding new decor at home can be quite a hassle, unless you have a concrete idea of what you want. So,  get inspired with this guy-friendly concrete decor roundup! Hopefully one or two of these solid ideas will be to your taste. (Ok, I'll stop).   

1. A concrete bar:  Skip that wobbly wooden table and go straight to a solid concrete bar. This will add a very masculine twist to any area and, if you live in a super hot/tropical area, it’ll keep the room nice and cool.


 Concrete planters via DIY and Craft Tutorials [http://www.diyandcrafttutorials.com/diy-concrete-planters/]

2. Concrete plantersDon’t wanna over do it? Then try something more subtle like these concrete planters, which you can make at home. Add a few easy-to-keep plants and you’re set. This kind of planter are also a very sleek and modern way of adding some greens to your home.

Concrete home. Image credit: Adrià Goula, via [http://www.archdaily.com/372455/mediterrrani-32-isern-associats/]

3. A Concrete Home: Ok, this one is pretty intense, but it’s an a viable option if you’re planning to renovate your home. By leaving the concrete facade exposed, you provide an industrial look without too much effort - plus I bet it’ll save you tons of money on paint.


Exposed concrete wall via Homedit [http://www.homedit.com/contemporary-summer-house-by-filter-arkiteketer/]

4. An exposed concrete wallBy combining a few warm elements in your home like wood and textiles, you can achieve this super sleek look. If you are planning to add a feature wall, you should definitely consider exposed concrete, it'll save you lots of time (no wallpaper hassles) and it will keep the room neutral.


A concrete table by DIY My Homes [http://diymyhomes.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/diy-concrete-table/]

5. Make a concrete tableA sturdy alternative to the average coffee table, this modern DIY project is both, easy and affordable. If you want to add a bit more shine to it, add a lacquered finish and you're set.

6. DIY Concrete Coasters - If you're looking for an easy way to start experimenting with concrete, check out this ManMade tutorial for casting your own coasters. 



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James on Jul 06, 2016:

Looks like age of stonemasons slowly pass away :/ beautiful pictures btw.