Underwater Typography by Ich Bin Kong

A clever way to get you to jump in the water without freaking out…and looking like you’re in a Mr. Bean’s summer episode. (You guys watch Mr. Bean too, right?)

Designed by Ich Bin Kong, this kind of project could be the answer to all of those people that freeze when they try to jump from the diving board. Ich Bin Kong merged a powerful message (love) with a his own personal taste (the name of one of his favorite songs by the Pointer Sisters), and the result is a pool with a powerful message.

To be honest, it’s kind of hard to feel the love when you hit the water flat on your belly, but at least with this idea you get to read some encouraging words while you try to catch your breath.

Jump for my love. Image credit: Ich Bin Kong [https://ichbinkong.de/project/jump-for-my-love.html]

I hope this project spreads out to other pools around the world. Wouldn’t it be awesome to add some art to the mix?

If you want to see more (amazing) pictures of this project, including the blue print, visit Ich Bin Kong’s page.

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