Konstruktor: The DIY SLR Camera You Make Yourself

Credit [https://microsites.lomography.com/konstruktor/]

Lomography has caught up with the DIY trend by creating a brand new 35mm camera that comes in bits and pieces, ready to be assembled by some crafty photographers. 

I haven’t put one together myself but Lomogoraphy mentions that the Konstruktor camera can be easily built at home. In theory, anyone can tackle this project, no matter if you’re a DIY aficionado or a seasoned photographer…or neither.  

Aside from being a great weekend project, the Konstruktor will also help you understand how analog photography works. After you put together the 10000 pieces that come in the box, you’ll definitely know the ins and outs of film. Trust me.

As per usual, Lomography added some quirkiness to this product by including stickers and embellishments so you can customize your camera. And apparently it only takes 15 ish minutes to put it together (if you move as fast as the dude below).

Read the rest of the specs, including some more pictures taken with the camera at Lomography.