Jun 19, 2013

How to: Build Your Own Papercraft Torso with Removable Organs

Around a year and a half ago, ManMade featured a behind-the-scenes look at how artist Horst Kiechle created this anatomically correct paper torso with removable organs to teach children biology lessons in the Fiji Islands.

Now, a cool update: Horst has provided a full how-to so you can make your own, complete with free downloadable templates.    He says, 

The template files below allow you to build your own paper torso from A4 sheets of paper/card. The torso is life size and acts as a container for the organs.

To ensure accuracy and strength the torso has been designed with a layered approach. Detailled instructions guide you through the 700+ steps of the assembly process. The process is not difficult but time consuming. Before starting on the torso I would suggest you build the organs first. Paper should be at least 150g/m².

A4 paper is slightly bigger than letter size, so to print a few of the templates, you'll need to cut your own 297x210 mm (11.7x8.3 in) from widely available 8.5x14" paper, or even 12x12" cardstock from the scrapbooking section of the craft store. 

"Not difficult but time consuming." Hmmm..... 





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