6 Masculine-Friendly Ways to Incorporate Indoor Plants into Your Home

created at: 06/16/2013

Indoor plants in your home are a no-brainer: they bring the outside in, improve air quality, provide lots of natural color and texture, and encourage you to take an investment in the spaces you spend your time. They literally (and figuratively) add life to your home. Learn how to rock the green look with these six guy-friendly decor ideas. No floral wallpaper need apply.1: Mix and match. (pictured above) Go freestyle! Hit your nearest nursery and select a few different varieties. A few ideas include: palms, ferns, Massangeana, and rubber tree. Make sure to ask them about any special care requirements for each one of them (prior to visiting a nursery take notes about how much light the room gets). Add character by using mason jars, cans, and other reusable containers.

2: Wild. If you have an empty space and you don't want to fuss too much about it, get a plant that will grow wild and free like a Monstera deliciosa (shown above). These type of plants require very little care and they'll do their own thing. Perfect to cover those awkward spaces where you cannot fit any furniture. 

6 ways to add indoor plants

3: Hang it. This container from Ikea can be easily installed on a wall or window frame. Use it in your kitchen and grow your own fresh herbs!


6 ways to incorporate indoor plants

4: Minimal. If you only need a pop of green in the room, use a single kind of plant. Cactus are the best for this type of design – they're pretty sturdy and will survive in most conditions, plus they add a bit of a rustic feel to the room.

created at: 06/16/2013

5: Contain it. Another great option for small spaces – terrariums are easy to maintain and you can even make them yourself with a glass container, rocks, moss, and any low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants.

created at: 06/16/2013

6: Go epic. If you have tons of space, you can venture into making a living wall. They are quite pricey and they do require lots of work, but if you manage to nail them, they look AH-mazing. You could cheat the system by getting fake plants, but that kinda defeats the point of adding more life to your home (if you do, we'll keep your secret).