Jun 17, 2013

A Comprehensive Guide To Hair and Body Grooming

Guide to Body Grooming [http://www.gq.com/style/grooming/201306/gq-mens-body-grooming-duide?mbid=social_fb_fanpage]

Let's face it - not everyone can rock the rugged look without a bit of grooming. So, if you currently look like you just completed the Appalachian Trail or an extra in a shipwreck movie, then you definitely need to read this guide.

Remember when you got your first stubble? That shadow-y fuzz that looked more like chocolate pudding residue on your upper lip? As you grew older, that stubble became your trusty friend, but did you learn how to tame it? And not just your stubble, but also everything else that shows when you go to the beach? 

As the style gurus of GQ mention, "body hair is a matter of preference—both yours and your partner's." So don't freak out too much and take it easy, don't go on a mad shaving spree or you could end up looking like Mr. Clean's double.

From head to toes (yup, including that and those) this comprehensive guide to body grooming has all the tips you need to know. Again, take it easy and just do whatever feels right for you.  Oh, and if you need more summer essentials, check out this other post.

A Comprehensive Guide to Body Grooming



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Craig M. on Dec 29, 2014:

I agree. After one episode of being stabbed w/ needles I had lazer hair removal. Absolutely love it. You have the occasional light hair but much more tolerable than a weekly routine.

CMLion on Jun 18, 2013:

Guys need this. Too many guys somehow think that shaving EVERYTHING makes them look good. The worst is the idea that if you trim your bush, your junk will look bigger, so it all goes--they look like prepubescent boys.  Same with women (well, they don't look like boys... you get what I mean).  A little goes a long way.

Shaving my balls was the best/worst decision I ever made. Pretty spectacular feeling (and they look GREAT! Not to brag, but I'm pretty proud of those boys.) However, keeping up the maintenance is crucial. When those hairs start coming back? OUCH!