How to: Make an Easy DIY Screwdriver Coat Rack

Like any true DIYer, designer and artist Ben Uyeda likes to have his tools on hand for quick fixes and tinkering. So, he came up with this original coat rack/storage project that incorporates a functioning set of screwdrivers into the design.   

Ben says,

Many people these days are using cordless drills and drivers, or hand screwdrivers that have replaceable heads. While these are great in their own respect, sometimes a traditional driver is all you need.
Let’s say you’re in the middle of a project and are in need of a screwdriver. Sure, you could stop what you’re doing, go pull out your toolbox and scrounge around until you find one; but wouldn’t it be more convenient to always have one right where you can see it?
This made me think,”Why can’t tools be displayed out in the open around the apartment?”

The driver handles have a cool Plasti Dip finish, and slide into a hardwood table leg. Super clever, and quite easy to pull off. Check out the how-to at Homemade Modern: Screwdriver Coat Rack