Inspiring Interiors: Maurizio Zucchi’s Amazing Home

Inspiring Interiors - Maurizio Zucchi []

When it comes to interior design inspiration, the Italian approach always tops my list. So, I’m grabbing a few tips from this inspiring home to spruce up my place.

Directly from the vault of awesome comes this home of Italian lifestyle business man Maurizio Zucchini. At a glance you can tell this guy knows his stuff – mid-century furniture, contemporary accents, and lots of white space that serve as a canvas for all the lush greenery.

A few takeaways from this style:

  • If you’re gonna go crazy with plants, make sure you keep it consistent by using pots and planters with similar aesthetic and color.
  • Keeping a neutral base palette (white, grey, etc) gives you a chance to add colorful statement pieces.
  • Play with different heights with furniture, You can ground the whole look with taller structures, like those huge cacti, or a tall bookshelf or cabinet. Then have fun with lower pieces, like that short coffee table…which is totally winking at me right now.

Inspiring Interiors - Maurizio Zucchi's home

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