Good Design is as Little Design as Possible: A Home Tour of the Legendary Dieter Rams

German industrial designer Dieter Rams is best know for his “functionalist” approach: that good design makes a product useful, and allows the design to disappear. (The calculator and podcast app on your iPhone mimics Rams’ designs.) Best know for his work with Braun, he’s about to celebrate his 84th birthday, and still lives with his wife, Ingeborg Kracht-Rams, in the home he designed in the 1960s, just outside of Frankfurt and it’s as awesome as you’d think it would be.   

The couples’ home is featured in the 2011 Phaidon book “Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible” by Sophie Lovell.

Learn more about the Rams home, his work, and his famed “ten principles of design,” at Good Design is As Little Design as Possible. All photos by Phillip Sinden.

For a little DIY take on a Rams-inspired design, check out Brandon’s modern CD player and iPod stereo: