What to Watch on Netflix: A Flowchart

created at: 05/29/2013

With the television season winding down and the theaters full of mostly superheroes, summer is the time for going back into the archives, and catching a quality series or some films you may have missed. These days, that’s easier than ever with online media streaming services, but with algorithms making recommendations, there are likely things that you’ll totally love that have never showed up in your “Recommended” section.   In order to help figure out what to watch, check out this flowchart graphic that’ll help you fill out your queue. Or, if you’re anything like me, you spend more time adding items than actually watch them (just in case!), and your queue is plenty full already, and you might need some help selecting from the overwhelming options.   

It comes from, of all places, an online casino called SilverOak, who are clearly just trying to capitalize on the viral infographic craze. That said, though the design leaves a lot to be desired, it definitely does it’s job. My recommendations? Miller’s Crossing and Midnight Cowboy, both of which I’ve seen, but would be happy to take another look.

What to Watch on Netflix