How To: Make a $2 Nautical Knotted Rope Bracelet, Part II

Nautical Bracelet DIY

Today we’ll show you another design that’s just as easy and cool looking as our previous one. Grab a pair of scissors and some rope and follow along.

Nautical Bracelet DIY

How To Create a Nautical Bracelet, Part 2


  • Nylon cord: 1 yard (available at any craft or hardware store).
  • Scissors

Make it:

1: Start by wrapping the cord around your wrist 4 times. Add an extra inch on one end and cut.

Nautical Bracelet DIY

2: On one end make an oysterman’s knot.

3: On the other end make an angler’s knot (if your cord is too thick, just use a simple loop knot).

4: Cut any excess cord (don’t cut too close to the knot!), and carefully burn the edges with a lighter, this way you’ll avoid any frilling.

5: Wear it and go fishing!

Nautical Bracelet DIY

Wasn’t it easy? Now that you’re acquainted with all of these knots, you should make some extra bracelets for your friends! 

Project Credit: Meiku Designs

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