Recipe: Fried Chicken Sandwich with Slaw and Spicy Garlic Mayo

Were there ever a contest for greatest sandwich of all time, this guy would have to be a contender. The recipe comes from chef/owners of the LA restaurant Son of a Gun, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, who also run the award-winning Animal. If the photo doesn’t speak for itself, the sandwich is a pan-fried chicken breast (hello, cast iron skillet) that sits on top a garlic and Louisiana hot sauce mayo, topped with homemade pickles and a fresh cabbage and red onion slaw. Sounds impressive, but if you’re not afraid of the fry setup, it’s actually not a huge project, since the chicken can be prepared fresh and doesn’t require any overnight preparations. (Though the pickles should be made the night before).

Once the summer corn season finally hits (3 weeks!), I’m definitely whipping these up for my next casual dinner party. Will report back on the results.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches with Slaw and Spicy Mayo [Bon Appetit]