Bedroom Inspiration: 3 Ideas to Create a Statement Headboard

Credit: ST Interior Design []

Need to spice things up in the bedroom? (not like that). Adding a statement headboard to your space can help you revamp the look in your bedroom by making it look “full” without having to invest tons in other furniture pieces. Take a look!     

Credit: One Happy Mess []

1: Skyline made with washi tape: Quick and easy! Trace your favorite skyline on the wall (you could use a projector if you have one handy) and use black washi tape to finish the look. Bored of the same skyline? Take it down and trace a new one! You can also add a bit of color by selecting a tape with a bright pattern or colour.

Credit: Ds Builder []

2: A huge canvas. If you feel inspired to create a painting, get a huge canvas and create a unique piece that will add tons of character to your bedroom. Like waking up in a private gallery! If your Picasso skills aren't that great, check out this DIY on Styled by Emily Henderson where you can create a statement headboard with just a few strokes.

Credit: Design Every Day []

3: Old books. Yowza! This looks amazing, doesn't it? According to Design Every Day you only need a bunch of old books and some wood. Imagine going to bed surrounded by literature? I bet you'll wake up more inspired than ever! And hey, if you want to get creative you could also use magazines or comics.

Give your bedroom and update with any of these ideas and you'll surely wake up to a brighter day!