Shaving 101: A Guide to Shaving and Facial Hair

created at: 05/02/2013

Of course, you know how to shave. Me too. But this interactive graphic from the team at Men’s Health provides lots of interesting tips for a variety of facial/scalp hair combos. Particularly, there are some nice “rule of thumb”-style ideas to commit to memory to help you or a buddy have your best beard (or not).created at: 05/02/2013

So, if you’re currently bearded but considering taking things smooth for the summer, or vice versa, or anything in between… it’s your face. Like everything, take care of it, and do things well. 

Be sure to click over to the “tips and tricks” section. That’s where the best goodies lies.

Shaving 101: A Definitive Guide to Shaving and Facial Hair [Men’s Health Grooming]