Playgrounds of the Future: LOOP International Kindergarten

created at: 04/24/2013

This isn’t an art installation or a new site for the next Olympics. It’s a kindergarten in the heart of one of the largest cities in China. Yes. A kinder-freaking-garten. Take a peek! This building makes The Jetsons’ home look like a camping tent.

Situated in Tianjin, China – LOOP is a 45,000 (!) square foot colorful kindergarten that hosts students from all over the world (Tianjin is full of Fortune 500 companies). Aside from being the coolest looking school on planet earth – LOOP uses creative, immersive, and interactive methods to teach students different subjects in both, English and Chinese. 

created at: 04/24/2013

The list of amenities is probably as lengthy as their admissions records, but there are a few that stand out: a beautifully trimmed courtyard right in front of the classrooms, ceilings painted with 18 different colours, and a spacious top floor with plenty of natural light that allows kids to play inside whenever the weather gets crappy.

*sigh* If you ask me, this is the equivalent of the Batcave for kindergartens. Totally jealous.

LOOP International Kindergarten, Tianjin [Images: Sako Architects

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