The Subculture of Barbershops

Sharpologist – a new site devoted to the art of traditional shaving – explores the subculture of barbershops, those who choose to seek out shaving and grooming practice as an art, rather than a matter of routine.   They reference an interesting video from Thrash Lab, which explores the new wave of traditional-style barbershops in L.A., frequented by young men of all kinds of backgrounds, and the relationships that develop between a barber and his clientele. And that’s the interesting thing here, for me at least: it’s not about trendiness or straight razors or nostalgia – it’s about the connection between people. Sure, that could happen at SuperCuts, but it’s great to see the re-emergence of the barbershop as a new “third place” for modern men, and that these facilities seek to foster those relationships, in addition to giving a great shave. 

The Sub Culture of Barbershops [Sharpologist]