The Human Printer: Artists Create CMYK and B+W Halftone Images by Hand

created at: 04/18/2013

The Human Printer is nothing like your average office machine. This one – as the name says it – consists of a group of artists that “prints” images in CMYK and B&W by hand!

Each hand-coloured image is unique and follows the same rules as mechanical printers, injecting colors in set layers. In a way, the artist becomes a living machine. There are two versions of this project:

  • HP 1.1 which focuses on the printing process and techniques of a single hand-printed digital image.
  • HP 1.2 looks at the mass production of several images, making note of the unique details found in each one of them.

If you visit their site and click on “the printers” you can actually see all the artists involved. They look like they mean business!

One great perk about this project is that you can actually order a print! How cool would it be to have one of those at home?

The Human Printer