How to: Make an Easy and Secure iPad Wall Mount

Chances are, if you own an iPad or tablet, it’s already spent plenty of time in the kitchen. A source for checking recipes and directions, watching your favorite series on Netflix while chopping broccoli, or just for listening to music or the news while cleaning up and washing dishes. So, if it’s gonna spend so much time in there, you might as well make it a safe and secure place to mount on the wall, away from splashing water or spitting oil.

Sugru – who previously brought us The Fixer’s Manifesto – provide a full how-to to make one for only a few dollars. And if you choose the right color of Sugru, everything should blend in or complement nicely so it won’t look like there’s weird blobs of food on your kitchen wall.

Get the tutorial at the Sugru guide section: How to Make an iPad Wall Mount