Recipe: Mushroom “Manwich” with Parsnip Chips and Roasted Garlic

It’s hard to go wrong with a sandwich. Quality ingredients stacked up properly and mixed with other good stuff can lead to something greater than the sum of its parts.   But, when making them at home, sandwiches can often just be a sub for a hot meal, or a way to clean out the fridge. Some might argue, “why go through all that effort for a sandwich?”

By the looks of this guy, those people are clearly missing the point. A little extra work? Maybe, but “This recipe is really worth the effort. It’s like a vegetarian hoagie, satisfying and hearty with a little spice to kick it up a notch!! The parsnip chips are to die for, as is the roasted garlic.” No meat required.

A very different take on what most of us would make at home. Time to get the grill back out.

Get the full recipe from Pure Green Magazine: Mushroom Manwich 

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