Mar 18, 2013

If You Could Only Drink One Beer for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

created at: 03/18/2013

For some, a question like "if you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?" is easy to answer. In any given week, they normally only drink one kind of beer - a crisp and easy pilsner from one of the major U.S. breweries, or a local lager found in grocery stores.

For the rest of us - who see new restaurants and travel destinations as a chance to discover new beers and wouldn't think of ordering the same thing twice in a sitting - the question is increasingly complicated.    Because, it's not, "what's your favorite beer?" sort of thing. It's not even, "what do you like to drink with pizza?" Because - it's really about what would you drink with everything. It's a challenge to pick an extremely versatile but still flavorful and hopefully challenging brew that will keep you engaged for the rest of your years.

Recently, Drinking in America asked this question on their Facebook page. Check out their results, but please share your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us why it's your pick.

I'll be thinking of mine this week! Back with more soon.


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Anonymous on Jul 09, 2014:

Holiday Ale from High Desert Brewing in Las Cruces NM!

Bear on Apr 03, 2013:

I'll go with Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad. Is it heavy, and real high in abv? Yes. But Forever is a long time.

Mike on Mar 20, 2013:

Have to go with either Blue Moon or Yuengling. 

Will on Mar 20, 2013:

I agree with Ben. I'm going twitch Shiner Bock

Ryan on Mar 18, 2013:

Nebraska Brewing Cardinal Pale Ale - balanced enough to be refreshing with enough citrus hops and bitterness to be interesting.

Ben Tucker on Mar 18, 2013:

*easy choice

Ben Tucker on Mar 18, 2013:

Shiner Bock..easygoing choice

CitricSugar on Mar 18, 2013:

Newcastle Brown Ale.  it's dark enough not to be boring but not so filling that you can't have more than one. Also, good for cooking with - breakfast skillets or cooked-all-day stews.

My first instinct was Guinness, and I'm torn to be sure, but then the idea of it for everything as opposed to an every now and then treat was probably too much for me. As it is, I don't drink a ton, and beers are something I drink purely to enjoy them, so my favourites are few, and flavour rather than how easy it is too drink several in a sitting is what's important to me.