Jul 06, 2016

How to: Make a Simple, Rustic Wooden Bench (In Under an Hour)

Artist and designer Josh Rhodes came up with this quick and easy project: a warm and rustic piece of furniture, made in a single afternoon for less than $30 in easy-to-find materials. Done, done, and done!   

The design is based on pine 1x12s, and requires just six cuts and a few screws. If you have a way to cut wood, you can easily whip up this project in an hour. Josh's tip to use Kreg screws (designed for pocket joints) to avoid having to drill pilot holes is genius. Cut, glue, screw, sand, sit. Repeat as necessary. 

See the full how-to on A Beautiful Mess: Josh's Homemade Bench 


[Photos: Arrow and Apple]



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DaveD on Jul 07, 2016:

Kreg screws are made for pocket holes. Basically wood screws made for use with a Kreg jig. I imagine the four contact points allow it to sit on uneven ground easily as you wouldn't need a level surface for both legs. 

Marian on Dec 30, 2013:

What are Kreg screws? and why are the support boards cut to resemble four feet?  Can't you just use the vertical boards as is?