New National Geographic Blog Features Unseen Rare and Amazing Photos from Their Archives

National Geographic has launched a new Tumblr blog – Found – which shares some seriously incredible vintage photos from the magazine’s vast archives.   

The Verge reports,

Not surprisingly, the photos published on Found cover a wide breadth of cultures and eras. Some, like the below image of Budapest’s Gellert Bath House, give quotidien, slice-of-life snapshots from bygone times, while others stand out on purely aesthetic or compositional grounds. On the more bizarre end of the spectrum is a 1903 photograph of Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife Mabel within a “tetrahedral kite” (above).

There are lots of cool “photo of the day” sites out there, but this is one I’m definitely subscribing to. 


NatGeoFound on Tumblr [via The Verge]