How to: Make a DIY Leather eReader or Tablet Cover

My friend Ryan had a problem; a problem with stealing his wife Chelsea’s Nook eReader so as to gorge on the entire Game of Thrones series. So, he snagged his own Nook Simple Touch, and figured out a way to make a custom leather case and cover with no special sewing or leatherworking skills, and he didn’t even have to pay for materials.Ryan says,

I absolutely love [my Nook], and have already read more in the past month than over the past year.

What I did not love was having to shell out 50 bones for a case for my new toy.  None of the cases out there are very cool, and they are expensive to boot.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one.  This was more of an up-cycling project than a true DIY, but you could easily find the materials to duplicate the design at your local craft store.  I built mine out of a mousepad that I received as a promotional gift from a company I worked for last year.

created at: 02/14/2013

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