Feb 07, 2013

How to: Make a DIY Laptop Sleeve from a Secondhand Wool Sweater

I'm always a fan of warming up technology with cases and accessories made from organic materials like wood, leather, and natural fabrics. By day, my phone lives in leather (this one), and by night, charges on tree branches. So, this DIY laptop case project made from an old 100% wool sweater

comes very recommended.

I like how Joelle incorporated the bottom rib of the sweater to keep the sweater attached, but you could cut this part off and add an extra seam for a more streamlined look that doesn't detail the material's origins. 

Get the full how-to at: How To Create a Laptop Sleeve Out of a Sweater [Apartment Therapy Home Hacks]




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Claire Dé on Feb 07, 2013:

Since I am a HUGE fan of John Murphy's sock monsters, I have made myself two of them, to protect my new iPad Mini, named "Paphnus I", for my mobile photos safaris, and "Paphnus II", to keep at home, whose back side is a black micro fiber fabric, to wipe iPad's screen (I'm obsessive).  Keep on the good work Chris, and cheers for you!



(I'm not sure if I DID arrive to send you the 2 pictures of Paphnus I and Paphnus II; could you tell me?  If not, I'll post them in my Facebook pictures).