Jan 21, 2013

A Visual Compendium of Famous Guitars

created at: 01/21/2013

The team at Pop Chart Lab has released their latest cultural compilation: famous guitars from throughout music history. 

created at: 01/21/2013

They say, "A catalog of 64 famed guitars culled from over 75 years of rock 'n' roll history. Rendered in exquisite detail is everything from Leadbelly's famed 12-string to Woody Guthrie's Fascist-killing machine to multi-necked monsters to an axe shaped like an axe. Containing representations of the famed instruments that have brought countless headbanging riffs and wailing solos into the world, this print is guaranteed to up the rocking of any wall to 11."

I'm a bit surprised they didn't include Johnny Ramone's signature white Mosrite, but like that this made the cut:

created at: 01/21/2013

Available in their shop as a print or t-shirt: A Visual Compendium of Electric Guitars [PopChartLab]





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