Weekend Project: Make a DIY Industrial Plumbing Pipe Table (Free Downloadable Plans)

When designer Fiona Richards needed to expand her studio space to include a dedicated table to pack and ship her work, she and her husband Doug hit the hardware store to scope out parts. They decided to build one from plumbing parts and a solid wood top, and hopped online to find plans… and found nothing.

So, they did what most DIYers would do and designed their own, and are happily sharing their original plans with all of us for free.   She says, “Our table is 35.5 inches high – which is great for a kitchen island or a work table. You can definitely shorten it for a dining room table. The pipes are all cut at the plumbers supply shop (you just need to take the plans into the shop with you and they cut and thread the pieces). The top is made from rough lumber from the lumber yard – sanded and varnished. You could also use reclaimed lumber for a wonderful vintage look!”

Head to Cafe Cartolina to snag their plans and build your own! (via Apartment Therapy)