Nov 27, 2012

Limited Edition Handmade Wooden LEGO Guys

Artist and woodworker Malet Thibaut has created twenty handmade wooden "art toys" modeled after the iconic LEGO mini-fig.  

Each stand 11cm tall and were crafted by Thibault in his workshop in France.

The sculptures were available in Thibault's Etsy store, but are currently sold out. Here's to hoping he'll make lots more.

See more amazing photos at Behance. [via Colossal]  




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Matthew Beresford on Jan 13, 2018:

I am very impressed with your Lego Man.

I have my own version of wooden Lego Man and would like to share a few pictures of him with you.

Please respond (at your leisure) if you wish to proceed further.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


Mike Sharpe on Oct 25, 2015:

Mike I'm from New Zealand.

I love your work and what you are doing.
The lego men look amazing.
Can you please consider selling me a set if you were to make anymore

Stormy on Jan 04, 2013:

those are adorable! please make more. i would love to get one for my husband's first father's day gift.