DIY Idea: Make a Chalkboard Wall-Mounted Home Organizer

Every home has those horizontal surfaces where it's all too easy to let stuff gather. They're just lying there, all flat and empty, asking to be filled with things that could likely go in they're proper home if they only had one. 

In my house, it's the half-wall between the landing and the stairs. So I certainly know that when your countertops, desks, and other flat surfaces are continually filled with mail, errands, and other “to do” related goodies, it's time for an official solution. And since horizontal spaces just aren't working, you gotta go vertical.   There are a lot of wall and pocket organizer ideas out there, but this one is among my favorites. You could definitely buy one from inorder2organize's Etsy shop for a fair $220, but if you want to try your hand at making your own, you'll be able to customize the pockets for your specific needs and household.

Just size your back from 1/2″ plywood, and create the boxes, shelves, envelopes, and other goodies from 1/4″ ply. Glue and screw them from the back, then paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint. Attach some hardware, and hang it up.

Chalkboard Mail Organizer Large [InOrder2Organize]