How to: Polish Your Shoes – The Quick, Easy, No-Fuss Way

Everytime I have a layover at the airport, I like to walk around the terminal and watch people…guess where they’re going, why they’re traveling. And everytime, I inevitably walk by the shoe shine stand, sometimes occupied, and sometimes not, and I think to myself, “Someday, I’m gonna own a pair of shoes that deserve to be shined for $14 in the airport.

And, really, someday…I will.   But before then, I already own that do deserve a DIY job every once in a while…and I’ve really been meaning to get to it. I admittedly haven’t done it before (other than weatherproofing hiking boots), and my fear of screwing up the leather had me a bit paralyzed to try anything.

But after a little research, and finding a tutorial intended for those who aren’t too excited by the “spit shine” aesthetic, I’ma head to the store tonight to grab a brush and a bit of polish.

Give it a shot with me – Polish One Off: How to Polish Your Shoes [GQ]