How to: Make Easy Colorful Rainbow Pasta at Home

At first glance, those of us without kids may take a look at these brightly colored pasta noodles and say, “When would I ever do that.” That’s what I did, of course. And then I thought about it…and thought about it…and then the question soon became, “When would I not?”   The trick, of course, is to snag storebought dry pasta, and give it a chromatic soak in food coloring after it’s cooked.

Perhaps the full spectrum isn’t your thing, but a few select colors for the holidays or special occassion is still plenty fun. Next weekend, I’m having my whole family over to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday (hi mom!), and I’ll certainly be using this trick for my niece and nephew’s special plates. And probably mine. 

Colorful Rainbow Pasta [Quick Dish]